Sport Massage

The physical benefits of Massage Therapy can include:

  • Increasing joint mobility and range of motion by reducing soft tissue tension.
  • Increasing the elasticity and suppleness of scar tissue, which may be present following soft tissue damage.
  • Relieving tightness, stiffness, spasms and restriction in the muscles and associated tissues.
  • Encouraging muscle relaxation and stretching can facilitate increases in muscle flexibility.
  • Massage can promote an increase in blood circulation, delivering the soft tissues with oxygen and nutrients, promoting decreases in muscle fatigue and soreness.
  • Encouraging removal of toxins and waste products from the blood and muscles, which accumulate during physical activity.
  • Reducing oedema (excess fluid in the tissues) and swelling (an inflammatory response following tissue damage) by increasing lymphatic drainage (the system by which waste products are removed from the body).
  • Aiding the nervous system by means of stimulation or relaxation, depending on the nature of the massage.
  • Helping to reduce pain, by facilitating the release of endorphins (hormones known to elevate mood).
  • Increasing an overall psychological feeling of well-being.

Our therapist’s are on hand to help those aches and pains. 

We specialise in; 

Pre and post sporting event massage 

Recurring injuries




We understand visiting a SMT can be a nervous time. Our theripists are fully Before any session, we conduct a consultation which highlights a number of factors such as professionals involved, previous injuries, lifestyle and posture. 

From this information, it will help us come up with the correct treatment plan.