Jamie Cairns – Managing Director

With 10 years’ experience, Jamie is highly experienced within the sport and education sector. In his previous role, Jamie held strategic responsibility for operational excellence and staffing throughout the organisation.  Jamie has displayed a holistic approach to the management and development of young people and holds their needs as paramount in the work that he does.

First working with Gateshead YCP (youth crime prevention team) it was Jamie’s focus on becoming a positive role model within the community.

Jamie’s roots are firmly entrenched within grassroots sports.  Whilst involved with Rutherford football club in Gateshead, Jamie became a members of the “Nike Players’ panel” and ultimately managed to secure the club a multi-million pound facility development.  From this Jamie’s status within grassroots football grew and he was named a Nike ambassador for football.

A keen football player and coach, Jamie has won a host of regional and national coaching awards.  From here Jamie extended his coaching prowess into local boxing clubs and other grassroots activity outlets.  Jamie has, in more recent years, developed a vast experience of working with young people involved in the criminal justice system, young people who are not in full time employment, education or training (NEET) and those with an SEN requirement.  After gaining teacher status in 2016, Jamie is leading the way on how to approach education and making it engaging for young people.

‘’One thing the North East and America share is that, they are both the land of opportunity. I truly believe the North East has amazing opportunities for young people. It’s my vision to support those that may need a little extra support academically or a positive role model in their life to unlock their true potential.’’

Jordon Cairns – Director of Operations 

Jordon, who spent 5 years in the Parachute regiment, has been involved in sport for the last 12 years. Jordon, who won honours by being accepted into the parachute regiment boxing team, trains himself regularly to a high level and has experience of engaging others in physical training.

The time Jordon spent in 2 PARA has instilled him with a sense of discipline, he has also developed experience of showing empathy and respect.  Jordon has also developed experience of appropriately assisting and encouraging others in engaging in activities they may have initially been reluctant to do.

During his time in the ‘’PARA’S’’ Jordon was applauded for his leadership skills, helping those more junior progress. LT Hibbert often asked Jordon to do inspirational speaking to new recruits, helping them adjust to military life.

Since resigning from the army, Jordon has undertaken a number of courses such as substance use and sexual health for young people to help young people with the best advice possible. Jordon has subsequently carried out pieces of work centred around keeping safe from harmful substances (both legal and illegal) and body protection and sexual health work with young people.

‘’ My passion is my city and everything that’s in. Everyone has taken a wrong turn one in life, that’s part of being young and daft. But having a mentor or a positive role model to help get you back on track can be the difference to leading the life of crime or honesty’’

Stephen Hutchinson – Education Tutor  

Stephen has brought a great deal of experience to the team. Having coached football across 17 states in America and taught in local primary and secondary schools. He has also ran a men’s health program while at Newcastle United Foundation. Stephen then lead a team of coaches in  Lagos, Nigeria as part of the premier leagues ”Premier Stars” program.   

”Since a school boy my passion has always been playing sports. I played rugby, basketball, cricket and football. My love of football lead me to represent Northumberland FA and England Boys Clubs at u16s. I went on to represent Darlington FC at youth team and reserve team level. I went on to play local semi professional football.”


”I share the passion of my colleagues in and helping young men and women in Newcastle achieve their aims and goals.”

Michelle Harrison – Head of Quality Assurance  

Michelle,  has 17 years experience of working in the education sector and over 20 years experience of working with sport, swimming being her main passion. Michelle started her professional  career in education teaching English in secondary schools before moving into the post 16 sector.

She has held senior management positions across the North East and has managed large SFA contracts in excess of £5m which have included overall responsibility for quality and performance. Most of Michelle’s experience has involved working with some of the hardest to reach learners and encouraging those who are NEET to participate in education, training and employment.

 Michelle has responsibility for quality within the organisation and for supporting tutors to develop their skills further and reach their full potential.    

Lee Moore – Volunteer Mentor 

Lee, who spent 9 years serving in the Royal British Army. 5 years as an Infantry Soldier and 4 years as a         Dog Handler, has been involved in sport majority of his life. However, due to a long term injury has focused his time on tutoring and coaching those who need it. 

During his time in the army, Lee developed excellent team building skills, which helped him get the best out of his peers and young people alike.

Since leaving the army, Lee has worked for Newcastle Airport as acting team leader. Before finding his true calling as a volunteer tutor with Sporting Chance and Benwel Victoria boxing Club. 

Lee, is begining his journey as a alternitive education tutor and is a great asset to the Sporting Chance team. Using his experience, Lee is responsable for Health and Saftey within the organisation as well as leading our robust educational programme. 

Lee has undergone a number of training courses such Boxing level one, PTTLS level 3, Safeguarding and first aid.  

Danny Chetwynd – Education Manager  

Danny, who has a degree in sport science has experience of working overseas 

In his last role, Danny managed the Sky Sports – Living for sport program that used sport professionals to capture the interest of young people to teach them skills through sport such as building confidance and lifeskills.

Danny is leading on our fitness studies program and  his key role is to make sure learners have the best experience with us.